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Joan and Lucy's Corner

We are Joan and Don (aka Lucy) Stone.  We are active in the cross-dressing community because we want to help others achieve self acceptance and happiness just as we have been helped to acheive it.  We are charter members of two Tri Ess chapters : Chi Epsilon Sigma in Baltimore, MD and Rho Tau, the Richmond/Tidewater Chapter (principal founders).  We have been. married for more than 44 years, raised two sons and now have six grandchildren.  

Because we have come to terms with the many issues with which most cross-dressers and their spouses struggle, we decided to write about the lessons we've learned in our chapter newsletter.  We began this labor of love when we were members of Chi Epsilon Sigma, and we have continued it to the present day, writing both for Chi Epsilon Sigma and Rho Tau.  We hope our written works will help other couples with similar issues.  

If we can help make it possible for you to reach a better understanding of, and strategy for, coping with the vexing issues about which you have been troubled then we have achieved our objective.

Joan's and Lucy's Articles

So Whose Fault Is It?

The ABCs of Our Successful Marriage

Our Thoughts on Cross-Dressing

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Resolving Differences

One Wife's Perspective on Cross-Dressing

One Wifes's Views on S.P.I.C.E. 2000

Be Careful for What You You Wish

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Lucy's Views

Why Would A Man Want to Crossdress?

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Your Second Self -- Blessing or Curse?

Our Special Blessing

Getting It Right

Four Steps to Making Cross-Dressing A Blessing

Developing A Balance

Maintaining A Balance

The Pill

Being A Lady


Why Passing Is Important to Me

Helpful Hints on Passing

Contingency Planning Before Going out Cross-Dressed

Telling A Teenage Son

Being Cross-Dressed on an Ocean Cruise

Get Over It!

My New Ring

Transgender ID Smoothes The Way

Lending A Helpful Hand

My Experience at S.P.I.C.E. IX

Trying to Make a Difference

Copyright 1998 to 2003 by Joan and Lucy Stone